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About us


Who we are?


Ramsys has a world of professionals who are committed to the free flow of knowledge and the use of technology to develop human resources required for the development Solutions givers through ICT training. With a staff of about 50+ from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds within IT, Ramsys is made up of a dynamic team of dedicated IT professionals with a wide-range of technological skills and expertise.

Ramsys as an ICT training centre has mastered the art of training students in software development as a composite process involving planning, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance. Core competences include:

Ramsys Infotech is one of the Leading IT off-shore Training Centre in Ghana. Our high quality education deliveries represent a blend of traditional classroom training and complete practical approached learning, which offers students the best of both worlds. RAMSYS  has a number of programs which gives something for everyone—from school and college students to professionals to ordinary citizens.

Ramsys  is a well-established and innovative training centre in Ghana serving customers in Ghana and other parts of the world.

Ramsys Infotech Solutions specializes in providing state-of-the-art technical training on all popular IT certifications. Our customers include many class companies in and around the worldr the world.

Ramsys is training centre  of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Check Point, PRINCE2®, PMI, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Android, Linux and CompTIA.


Offshore training in Ghana, West Africa.

Online Training


The Ultimate Advantages @ Ramsys:

One-Stop Shop For All Certifications: Ramsys offers a wide range of courses and certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, SAP®, Adobe, Apple Check Point, PMI, Novell, CompTIA, EC-Council, Citrix, Android and PRINCE2®.

Best Instructors: Best Company to Work in Education and Training Industry for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 with best instructors from the industry.

1-on-1TM Training: You get individual attention of the trainer for the entire duration of the Boot Camp.


Our Mission

At Ramsys, we strive to lead in the training innovation, development and advancement of  ICT services which deliver long term commercial benefits, based on our clients and stakeholders business requirements.

Our Vision 
We nurture and advance the world’s IT potentials…

Company Profile

How we do our business 
Ramsys informs you about a Global Skills Initiative within our potentials, Systems and Technology that is aimed at accelerating the growth of skills and the adoption of Ramsys training and support solutions in the global marketplace. Ramsys intends to advance this initiative by maximising and enabling a worldwide Business Partnerships uniquely positioned to maximize the IT potentials and to deliver systems training on a broader and more diverse scale.

Together with our consultants, ramsys will transform its training business into a new model of education excellence. The key objectives of this initiative are:

Provide high-quality training essential for successful design, deployment, management, and support of leading IT solutions the world.

Help you meet the dynamic challenges of today's business environment with a well-trained IT staff and skilled end-user community

Help increase the productivity of your employees.

Values that enforce our philosophy

Encouraging Professional Excellence: We develop our strengths, thoughts and act responsibly.

Welcoming New Challenges: Unbound by convention, we embrace the new challenges of creation.

Customer First: We forge partnership with our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.

Encouraging Teamwork: We recognize the human net worth of each individual and collaborate to achieve goals.

Global Perspective: Learning from the best, we aim at improving the best.

RAMSYS informs you about a Global Skills Initiative and Technology Group that is aimed at accelerating the growth of skills and the adoption of global marketplace. 

Together with our Business Partners, Ramsys will transform its training business into a new model of education excellence. The key objectives of this initiative are:

  • Provide high-quality training essential for successful design, deployment, management, and support of your Ramsys solutions
  • Help you meet the dynamic challenges of today's business environment with a well-trained IT staff and skilled end-user community
  • Make foundational level learning material widely available to students through innovative delivery mechanisms
  • Help increase the productivity of your employees.

If you are looking for training in Ghana, please contact us for flexible arrangements. Competences Our ability to deliver under strict timelines is in a large part due to the skill-sets and attitude of staff who have professional qualifications such as Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP), Oracle Certified Associates (OCA), Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE), Microsoft certified Systems Administrators (MCSA), Microsoft Certified Database Administrators (MCDBA), CISCO Certified Professionals in addition to Degrees and Master’s degrees in Computer Science, Statistics, Business Administration, Finance and Project Management. In addition to providing top class training to our valued clients, RamsysTraining’s team of consultants has also been trained to provide solutions in the following areas:

  • IT System High Availability Setup and Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Setup and Maintenance
  • Data Warehousing
  • Project Management Consulting
  • ERP and CRM Consulting, Setup, Upgrades and Maintenance for Oracle & Microsoft
  • Relational Database Setup, Upgrades and Maintenance
  • IT Data Protection and Security
  • Operating Systems Setup, Support and Maintenance
  • IT System Purchasing and setup guidance including software license management

Professional IT Certification Training

Our Approach as Consultants and Trainers We know that successful companies achieve lifetime value focusing their human resources on their core business and customers.  Our goal is to offer objective advice and best products and services to our clients—when they want them, where they want them, and how they want them. Ramsys Training’s services are based on practical experience and are designed to offer achievable and cost effective results. Our consultants who are Management and IT professionals have a combined experience in excess of 12-years designing and implementing IT business systems in many sectors of the economy. This gives us the edge to offer quality services to our clients. “We have our clients need as our concern, and therefore do not accept assignments unless we believe that the value created by the services we offer will be far greater than the cost to our clients.” 

Our Collaboration as Consultants Our collaborative style is aimed at strengthening internal capacity by working “side by side” with our clients’ in-house team which is critical to the success of all projects. Our team, made up of seasoned and dedicated professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing a vast knowledge base required to drive us and our clients to heights beyond expectations.  This enables us to provide our clients with project teams that simulate the experience, quality and diversity that makes up the overall RAMSYS TRAINING team. Ramsys Training maintains a semi flexible work culture. Our approach to consulting is team-based.  Teams that begin with our clients may include our industry and subject matter experts, along with leaders in business strategy, creative design, experience modeling and technology.  At Ramsys Training, we believe that: “…shared ideas, shared efforts, shared responsibilities and shared risks will deliver outstanding values.”

Our Project Management Competences and Methodology Achieving an enterprise information management system that optimizes business performance requires proactive involvement throughout the life of the systems, not just during the implementation phase. At Ramsys Training, we assist our clients in achieving the most value from their systems by applying a coordinated series of best practices throughout the life cycle of any project. At Ramsys Training, we understand that serving our clients begins at our very first meeting before even the client engages our services. 

By incorporating a systematic and focused approach during the sales cycle, we seek to clearly establish and define the project phases and task, critical deadlines and constraints, implementation budgets, client responsibilities, and project support needs. This allows us to significantly increase the quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness of the overall engagement whilst reducing Risks to the barest minimum. Below are the various steps in our Project Management Methodology: Our Project Management Methodology follows the simple generic Project Management processes of Project Initiation; Project Planning, Project Execution and Project Closure. Details of these processes are always discussed and are ultimately redesigned to meet each of our clients’ satisfaction and the complexity of each project. 

Our formal hands on training are therefore taught by experienced and certified trainers, who have at least 5 years of consulting experience. We also provide an after training support for a period of six months to our students and institutions. The objective of our training methodology is to offer the training such that our students become super users who are capable of training other users. This is to ensure that any student that leaves our premises can perform his/her job very well by using their IT systems optimally. The training is therefore focused on the trainees’ individual needs. This also ensures that corporate entity is able to build internal capacity to handle almost all routine support issues; with our Consultants intervening only when there are critical issues that were not anticipated. This methodology puts the ownerships of our solutions into the hands of the Owner

Certification Courses Offered at our Training Facility RamsysTraining offers executive classroom style training and classes are normally limited to a maximum of 10 persons, each with a PC to maximize the benefits of our “hands on” training. Our training facilities are equipped with ultra modern state of the art equipment, software packages and are fully air-conditioned. RamsysTraining offers a comprehensive training program and all our training programs are conducted at our facilities but at a client’s request, we can organize the training program at the clients’ premise so that we may be able to relate the theoretical IT training to the work schedules of the participants. This is also to ensure that the participants derive the maximum benefit out of our training program and be able to apply what they learn in the classroom to their work schedules immediately. 
Our Training and Certification programs include but are not limited to the following:

Why Ramsys

The Ultimate Advantages @ Ramsys:

  • One-Stop Shop most of the leading Certifications: Ramsys offers a wide range of courses and certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Adobe, CompTIA, EC-Council and PRINCE2 and others.
  • Best Instructors: only experienced, qualified and certified trainers are in the our team.
  • Fly-Me-A-Trainer: The solution is usually opted by corporate clients who need to conduct trainings for a group of employees. As per client requirements, ramsys sends expert trainers to corporate locations. This training method is feasible when you have a group to be trained, whom you do not want to travel to a distant location. Ramsys training centre is a leader in source of IT trainers and consultants. Ramsys has over 50+ fully employed trainers and consultants in almost all popular technologies - Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Adobe, Novell, CompTIA, EC-Council, Project Management, PMP, ITIL and PRINCE 2. Fly-me-a-Trainer is a one of its kind service by Ramsys Training Centre.
  • 1-on-1TM Training: You get individual attention of the trainer for the entire duration of the Boot Camp.
  • A leading name in onsite training
  • Large pool of Certified & experienced  Instructors and consultants
  • Customized Training to meet your individual and company’s specific needs
  • Numerous  Certifications to choose from
  • Customized Hands on Training
  • Courses to suit your requirements
  • Emphasise practical work
  • An array of options without leaving your location 

At Ramsys Training, our Project Management Methodology used for all our projects is centered on, Clients, Technology, and Course of Action (CTC).

Ramsys Training believes that people are a key variable in the equation for success in any IT implementation effort, process change or organizational change. In this regards, we strive to help organizations build and create the capacity needed to ensure the smooth running of their IT infrastructure.

Today’s very competitive business climate demands that business owners understand

and use advanced technologies. Technology is an enabler and it can help a businesses improve on efficiencies and even expand operations. However, the use of technology should be balanced with business needs and practicality.  Beacon Training therefore provide support to its clients in accessing the right technology for their operations in order to effectively balance their operational and technological needs.

Course of action 
Ramsys has strategically moved away from the traditional approach of IT-centricity of consulting towards a more process-centricity approach. Thus we focus primarily on the processes with the perceived business problems to enrich our understanding of this domain before working with our clients to select the most business aligned solution.  This solution may or may not involve automation with an IT solution. It may simply be a new way of keeping the old systems effective and relevant in today’s modern age of technology.



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