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Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

Gain confidence in your HTML5 programming abilities with this power packed course from Koenig in association with Microsoft. The industry needs professional developers with key skills in HTML5 Metro Style Apps that speak volumes about their level of knowledge and expertise. With this HTML5 programming course, demonstrate your ability to design and develop beautiful and fluid apps that enhance the user experience in Windows 8. This course also acts as a path for Windows Store Apps and Web Application training.

Course Objectives :

Following this course, students will become adept at:

  • Using Visual Studio 2012 for creating and running web applications.
  • Creating and styling HTML 5 pages.
  • Adding interactivity feature to HTML 5 pages using Java Script.
  • Styling HTML 5 pages using CSS3.
  • Creating structured and maintainable code in Java Script.
  • Using HTML 5 APIs in highly interactive applications.
  • Creating web applications supporting offline operations.
  • Creating HTML 5 web pages that easily adapt to a diverse number of devices as well as form factors.
  • Adding advanced graphics in the HTML 5 webpage using Canvas elements or Scalable Vector Graphics.
  • Enhancing user experience with animations on HTML 5 pages.

Modules Covered:

  1. HTML 5 and CSS 3 - An Overview : This module explains how to efficiently use Visual Studio to create web applications.
  2. Create and Style HTML 5 Pages: Teaches the new features of HTML 5.
  3. JavaScript Introduction: This module introduces you to the interactivity features using JavaScript language.
  4. Form Creation for Collecting and Validating User Inputs: Provides an overview of various input types and their use in HTML5
  5. Remote Data Communication: Shows how to exchange data with a data source that is remotely located.
  6. Styling HTML5 with CSS3: Describes how users can style their HTML5 pages using CSS3
  7. Creating Methods and Objects in JavaScript: Describes how to write properly structured and maintainable code in JavaScript
  8. Adding Interactivity to HTML5 pages using APIs: Shows how to add interactivity features in a web application using multimedia
  9. Offline Support in Web Applications: This module allows users to incorporate offline support for the application users.
  10. Implement a User Interface that is Adaptive: Describes how to create user interfaces that can detect different form factors and devices.
  11. Designing Advanced Graphics: Teaches how to create and design advanced graphics for a web application in HTML5.
  12. Using Animation in User Interface: Enhance applications by using animations in HTML5 pages.
  13. Incorporating Real Time Data Transmission Using Web Sockets: Introduces you to web sockets.
  14. Creating a Web Worker Process: Allows you to improve responsiveness of the application.


Course # Course Contents Exam Regular Track
20480B Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 70-480 5
Balance Days  for day of arrival,exam(s) and practice 2
Total duration 7


  • Before attending this course, students must have at least three months professional development experience.


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