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Web Development Fundamentals

The MTA Web development training offered by Ramsys Solutions aims to inculcate web development skills in students using Microsoft and various other technologies. Create web based applications using .NET, Visual Studio and managed code. This course will help students traverse the web development arena by imparting knowledge about programming web applications, deploying and configuring web applications, debugging and troubleshooting web applications, working with scripting, data and services


Course Objectives :

On completing this MTA training, students will acquire useful skills pertaining to:

  • Deep Understanding of fundamentals of web application development
  • Using server side and client side programming tools and techniques to create ASP.NET applications
  • Utilizing the application event model
  • Ability to deploy communication with Web services
  • Displaying and accessing Web application data
  • Using IIS or Internet Information Server to host and deploy Web applications
  • Using a range of configuration options with ASP.NET web applications
  • Managing databases and data connections
  • Reading/writing XML data
  • Authorizing permissions and authenticating access to web applications
  • Understanding of various tools, configuration files, events and control pages in web applications.

So, prove your knowledge in web application development with this all inclusive course that leverages Microsoft Official Curriculum and catapults your rank to become a Microsoft Technology Associate.


Course# Course Exam# Exam Regular Track
40363A Web Development Fundamentals 98-363 Web Development Fundamentals 3
Balance Days  for day of arrival and practice 2
Total duration 5



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