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Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Monitor and Tune Performance

The Monitor and Tune Performance for Oracle WebLogic 11g Server is a course from Koenig Solutions that equips server architects and administrators to tune the WebLogic server in order to achieve optimum level of performance. Students get to learn how to generate, analyze, gather and save test performance data.

Course Objectives :

Successful completion of the course will see the participants become experts at following activities:

  • Understanding of various monitoring and tuning tools such as JRockit Mission Control, JvisualVM etc.
  • Using the load testing tools effectively, such as Grinder
  • Generating, analyzing and recording performance test data
  • Tuning JVM (Java Virtual Machine) parameters
  • Tuning parameters of Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Describing a distinctive performance methodology

Modules Covered:

  • Performance Monitoring - An Introduction
  • Monitoring and Tuning Performance with JRockit JVM
  • Tuning Performance with Hotspot JVM
  • Configuration of Work Managers
  • Configuration of Other Resources of WebLogic Server
  • Using JSPC (JSP Compiler)
  • Tuning Performance with JDBC
  • Tuning Performance with EJB
  • Tuning Performance with JMS
  • Tuning Performance with WebLogic Server Clusters

This Oracle WebLogic Server 11g training is especially beneficial for Web administrators, System Integrators, SOA architects, Java Developers and Project Managers as well. Select this course to fine tune your business servers' performance and make the most of your IT resources.


Course Name Regular Track
Oracle WebLogic Server 11g: Monitor and Tune Performance 3
Balance Days  for day of arrival and practice 1
Total duration 4


  • WebLogic Server 11g: Administration Essentials
  • WebLogic Server 11g: Advanced Administration


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