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Oracle Data Warehousing Best Practices

The course on Oracle Data Warehousing Best Practices would assist trainees in constructing a stable hardware configuration, uploading data proficiently into the warehouse and employing partition exchange. This course also makes trainees to upload and compress data throughout the ETL procedure to enhance performance and management of system resources. This course makes sure that an Enterprise Data Warehouse works at best level and comprehends the parallel execution which helps in full utilization of the system.

Key Course Modules:

  • Introduction
  • The Sales History (SH) Schema
  • Constructing a Balanced Hardware Configuration
  • Oracle 11g SQL and Data Warehousing Guide Documentation
  • Additional Resources: Oracle By Example (OBE)
  • Elements of Hardware Configuration
  • Maintenance of High Throughput
  • Uploading Data into the Warehouse
  • Design and Disk Layout
  • Data Warehouse Models: Star and 3NF
  • Balancing the System
  • Balanced System: 4-Node RAC Environment
  • Data Warehouse Physical and Logical Design
  • Data Warehouse Hardware Configuration: Best Practices
  • Partition Pruning
  • Partition Wise Join
  • Optimizing Star Queries
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Physical Layer Blueprint of a Data Warehouse Environment
  • Optimizing 3rd Normal Form: Partitioning, Parallelism, and Power
  • ETL’s Three Layers
  • Methods of Data Loading in a Data Warehouse
  • Managing the System Workload and Resources
  • System Management
  • Tips for Data Loading: File Size and Formats, Compression, and Statistics
  • SQL Parallel Execution
  • Oracle Resource Manager
  • Scanning a Table in Parallel
  • Example of Partitioning Strategies: Composite Range-Hash Partitioning

This course is beneficial for:

  • Data Warehouse Developers
  • Support Engineers
  • Database Administrators
  • Data Warehouse Administrators
  • Application Developers


Course Regular Track
Implement Oracle Data Warehousing Best Practices 1
Balance Days  for day of arrival and practice 1
Total duration 2




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