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Oracle Database 11g: Data Mining Techniques

Oracle Database Data Mining course from Ramsys introduces students to a whole new bunch of data mining techniques that helps them leverage Oracle's predictive analytics ability with its Data Miner 11g 2nd release. The new GUI of Oracle Data Miner allows data analysts to directly work on data which is inside the Oracle database. The improved Graphic User Interface offers intuitive tools to graphically explore data, design and assess multiple models for data mining, apply mining features to new data and use predictive insights spanning the whole enterprise.

Course Objectives :

  • Understand the concepts of data mining and explain the benefits and usage of predictive analysis
  • Describe primary tasks for data mining and understand the steps in data mining process
  • Use the Data Miner to create, evaluate, and deploy several data mining models
  • Use Data Mining features of predictions and insights to tackle various business issues.
  • Deduce data mining results to be accessed by end users on a real time basis

Modules Covered:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Concepts of Data Mining - An Overview
  • Data Mining Process
  • Introduction to Oracle Data Miner Release 2 11g
  • Usage of Classification Models
  • Usage of Regression Models
  • Perform Market-Basket Analysis
  • Usage of Clustering Models
  • Perform Anomaly Detection
  • Deploy Data Mining Results

Gaining expertise by enrolling for this course maximizes your ability to mine data quickly and deploy meaningful and impactful results on a real time basis. Since the data and its results reside in the Oracle Database, movement of data is eliminated, latency gets minimized while maximizing security.


Course Contents Exam Regular Track
Fast Track
Oracle Database 11g: Data Mining Techniques - 2 1
Balance Days  for day of arrival and practice 1 1
Total duration 3 2


  • A working knowledge of: The SQL language and Oracle Database design


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