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Oracle BI 11g: Build Repositories


This course acquaints participants with the techniques of building and validating the 3 layers of Oracle Business Intelligence repository.

Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) repository stores the metadata that is utilized by Oracle BI Server. This metadata may be imported from several databases, as well as data sources. This is based upon special business needs and requirements. The metadata is later organized, customized and simplified, so that it can be presented to the presentation layer.

Students are posed to cater to a fictitious organization's business requirements.. For this they need to use Oracle BI Administration Tool for designing an easy repository. While constructing repositories, users build physical, as well as logical joins. They also develop calculation measures and simple measures.

The course imparts the skills required for importing schemas, and designing and developing logical business models. Students learn the way of authenticating work by designing and operating analyses, as well as validating query results with the help of query log. You additionally get the exposure to model complex business issues like aggregate tables, multiple logical table sources, time series data etc.

Oracle BI 11g: Build Repositories course provides proficiency in advanced terminologies, such as patch merge, usage tracking, implicit fact columns, write back, bridge tables and multilingual environments.

Other than this, participants learn how to utilize the wizards and utilities of Administration Tool to administer, uphold and augment repositories. They understand the execution of Oracle BI Server security, as well as the management of Oracle BI Server cache. Candidates also get trained in configuring a multi-user development environment.

With this course, participants learn to:

  • Develop and implement analyses to examine and authenticate a dimensional business model
  • Build a dimensional business model to cater to business intelligence requirements
  • Utilize the Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool to manage Oracle BI Server
  • Utilize the Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool for constructing, administering and sustaining an Oracle BI repository
  • Identifying and Applying Best Practices and Repository design principles
  • Identifying best practices for end user query performance


Course Content Regular Track
Fast Track
Super Fast Track
Oracle BI Suite 11g R1: Build Repositories 6 5 3
Balance Days  for day of arrival and practice 1 1 1
Total duration 7 6 4


  • Basic SQL
  • Data warehouse design
  • Database design
  • Dimensional modeling


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