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Bash Shell Scripting

Bash Shell Scripting Training allows professionals to drive more power from a Linux operating system. Shell scripts combine to act as batch files, and are used for customization, automation, enhancement of performance and remote task management. Learn to create and debug complex scripts to automate operations and ease out your Linux administration load.

Course Objectives :

This Bash Shell Scripting course will take you through the following topics:

  • Understanding the shell structure and its environment
  • Learning the key features and fundamentals of bash scripting
  • Carrying out arithmetic operations in a shell script
  • Creating interactive scripts
  • Incorporating different functionalities including flow control and decision making
  • Understanding and implementing various functions

This training program is highly recommended for system administrators, network administrators, programmers, support professionals, Linux users etc who wish to leverage automation of tasks using Shell Scripting.

Shell Scripts are supported by Unix and Linux OS. This course will greatly enhance your skills and capabilities as a Linux power user. Ramsys offers this course for professionals who have working knowledge of Linux or equivalent experience.


Course Contents Regular Track (days)
Bash Shell Scripting 10
Balance Days  for day of arrival and practice 2
Total duration 12


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