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Digital Marketing


Email marketing is still an efficient way to communicate your brand message directly to consumers in any part of the world. It allows you to have regular contact with your clients, enables you to send customized messages and helps ensure that your brand and product has and maintains top-of-mind awareness.

Email Marketing is critical in terms of customer engagement, seasonal promotions, product launches and maintaining customer loyalty. In addition when it is deployed as part of a holistic digital marketing strategy, email marketing can also be a great way to generate traffic to your website. Companies are fast adopting email marketing as their preferred means of engaging their client base.

As your partner we work with you to understand clearly what your long-term email marketing needs are and recommend strategies for achieving them effectively. If you’d rather just utilise this for the short-term to run a campaign in Ghana or promote an event or product in Nigeria, we would also be delighted to provide you with our email marketing services.

Email marketing strategy

By gaining a thorough understanding of your business and industry we can readily advise on how frequently emails should be sent to your customers. In addition we can also advice on how long emails should be, when they should be sent in order to maximize open rates (the number of people who opened it) as well as recommend and make adjustments to the email content.


With our email marketing platform you can easily and quickly create and send stunning, customised and visually-appealing emails to any contact list that you create. You can add attachments such as a company brochure or a printable invitation to an event you want them to attend. The possibilities are truly endless with our email marketing technologies.

Email Campaign analytics

How many people opened your email? What time did they open it? Did they forward it to anyone? Did they click on the link in the email? By gaining insight into key metrics such as open rate, click-through-rate (CTR) as well as bounce rate we can further optimise our email marketing efforts for maximum engagement & conversion.

Email Marketing optimization & automation

Schedule campaigns to go out later in the day or later in the year with our email marketing platform. Why not send that important client of yours a surprise email on their birthday. No need to remember the date, just enter it into our email marketing system and we will take care of it. Send automated season greetings, birthday wishes and reports to customers in Ghana, Nigeria or anywhere else for that matter.


The mobile platform has revolutionised accessibility to the internet and is fast becoming the preferred mode of accessing and consuming information online. This revolution presents significant opportunities for companies who understand the power of text messages and how to use it skillfully.

With the consumer of our day and indeed of the future being increasingly described as ‘mobile’ there is a pressing need for you to engage with your customers via text messaging and mobile apps. Your customers are no longer waiting to open up a laptop or sit behind a PC to check up on the latest sports, news or entertainment. They are doing so in the shops, on the bus, in the streets and in restaurants through sophisticated mobile apps.

Through our advanced sms messaging platform your businesses can now have a continuous conversation with its customers no matter where they are in Ghana or Nigeria. Your brand message can be ingrained in the consciousness of the customer by strategically deploying permission-based text messages.

At Ramsys we offer a range of text messaging and mobile marketing services that we believe will make your business always accessible to your customers no matter where they are.


Custom-built mobile apps for most of the popular devices (iPhone, Android and Blackberry) through which customers can easily engage with your business, make purchases or retrieve information.


Send out text messages from anywhere in Ghana or Nigeria to a small or large database of contacts advertising a new product, a new service location or an ongoing promotion. Customize sms messages to include your contacts’ names for that personal touch.

Mobile Strategy Consulting

We help you integrate your existing on and offline marketing strategy with ‘mobile.’ We can help you find the most efficient and effective way to leverage mobile marketing that will make your current marketing strategy more actionable and immediate. All our recommendations are based on your budget and your long-term branding objectives.

Mobile Web Development

Mobile sites that will give your customers that same rich and immersive experience they have on their desktop PCs and laptops. And with Mobile SEO your mobile site is sure to get good rankings in Google searches on mobile.

Our online marketing services fall into two broad categories: PPC Advertising & Display Advertising.

Display Advertising

In addition to PPC we also offer Display Advertising as part of our online marketing services. Display ads are ads shown on websites based on a specific theme of keywords that are matched to the hosting website’s topic. They can be text, image, and video ads.

Display Advertising is most effective when targeted correctly and combined with a strategic PPC execution. Creative should be engaging with a call-to-action while also complementing other marketing and communications initiatives. This form of online marketing visually represents your brand to consumers and provides greater market reach and brand visibility.

However, generating engagement and conversion is a science that requires more than a beautiful picture. Ramsys Limited creates and delivers effective, measurable, and relevant display advertising no matter your online marketing needs.


  • Online Marketing Strategy and Planning: Determination of display strategy, budget, negotiation, and placement with a constant eye towards the ROI target that you need.
  • Display Campaign Management: Ensure display campaigns stay in sync with best practices in the online marketing industry and continue to drive results.
  • Ad Optimization with A/B Testing: Ensure that ads displayed are as effective as possible to increase results.
  • Landing Page Testing, Selection, & Optimization: Increase traffic through selecting the right landing page for the product and target customer.
  • Continuous Improvements: Identify opportunities to continually improve online marketing results through timely reports that provide relevant analysis of display advertising impact and effectiveness.


The advent of search engines has revolutionized the online marketplace. This has brought about a dramatic change in the way customers purchase and consume goods and services. Most of them are increasingly turning to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! to help them find the products or services they are looking for.

To do this they type words or phrases into these search engines and the search engines then return a list of results of websites that are related to those words or phrases. It is therefore essential that your website is visible and accessible to prospective customers who utilise these search engines.

This is where SEO comes in. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has a lot to do with whether or not your website gets found by your target audience, the amount of traffic you get to your website and ultimately the number of visitors you convert into customers.

At Ramsys we employ the latest SEO techniques and strategies with the intent of building online brand awareness for our clients that culminates in revenue generation for their businesses.




SEO Audit

An in-depth analysis of your current website to determine your top “search competitors,” identify areas of opportunity, and assess which SEO strategies best suit your needs.

SEO Report

A snapshot of key metrics prior to the implementation of the recommended optimization strategies, enabling our clients to track and notice changes in search engine rank as well as website traffic.

Keyword Strategy

Identifying the keywords and phrases that potential customers are using to search for products and services similar to yours in the major search engines. Once a keyword strategy is established we replicate this strategy throughout the on-page content and behind the scenes code of your website.

Link Building

As part of our SEO efforts we implement link building to increase the visibility and authority of your website so it ranks higher in searches. Strategies include leveraging social networks to build social signals using effective content marketing.

Ongoing Optimisation

In order to maintain your desired SEO rank we are constantly identifying opportunities to continually improve search engine rankings with reports analyzing keyword positions and other key metrics. 

Social Media and Social Marketing have become an important part of most internet marketing campaigns. Their popularity has grown considerably over the past five years in West Africa, creating a huge marketing opportunity for those who take advantage of this new form of advertising. For those who understand social media, it can be a powerful tool for both gaining and retaining clients.

Online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest have redefined marketers’ customer engagement strategy. Never in the history of business have organisations been given such invaluable insights into consumer behaviour and interests all through the power of social media. These insights equip marketers to make data-driven and research-backed business decisions and ultimately generate greater revenue for their businesses.

Through our cutting edge technologies we are able to monitor your brand’s online reputation by mining social signals and converting them into actionable insights. Take control of your brand image online as you discover the who, what, when, where and why of online conversations surrounding your brand. Not only do you get to understand what is being said about your brand through our social media marketing efforts but you are also able to ascertain the sentiments behind these conversations and compare them to what is being said about your competitors.

 Engagement Monitoring

Find out what content your audience finds engaging? Who are the ones driving conversations about your brand in social media? Where are these conversations taking place? In Accra? In Johannesburg? In Sunyani? In Australia? Wherever they are and whoever they are, with our proprietary social media monitoring platform all this information is right at your fingertips.

Marketing Insights

How many mentions has your brand gotten across your various social media assets? What are the demographics of these mentions? Which stories are trending online? What is being said about your brand and competitor brands in your country?

Sentiment Analysis

What is being said about your brand in the social media arena? Is most of it positive? Negative? Where are these sentiments coming from? Takoradi or Kumasi? Who are the ones expressing these sentiments? Are they influencers? Do they have significant 'online clout'?  What are the general sentiments around your new product? What are the sentiments around competitor brand? 

 Social Media Automation

Schedule messages to go out on Facebook, Twitter and all your other social profiles. Why not time this to publish simultaneously with a product launch or communications campaign? No need to log into multiple accounts. We can handle all of this from one dashboard.

  Reputation Management

By understanding what is being said about your brand we can recommend social media PR campaigns to give your brand a facelift, enhance customer engagement and brand awareness or just to take the attention away from your competitors’ newly launched product. We provide strategy consulting to enable you integrate this with your other offline executions as well.

Web Development

The concept of responsive design is one that is now widely used in the web design space as the most effective way to optimize content across computers and mobile devices. Responsive web design is an approach to web design that provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

By combining visually appealing web designs with robust programming we are able to create websites that are that highly interactive and easy to use. No customer wants of yours wants to spend valuable time trying to find out where the products page is or where your service locations page is on your website. They want important and relevant information with an elegant and intuitive user interface.

Well-structured web design encourages your customers to return again and again by using informative and relevant content, user-friendly navigation, and engaging customer experiences. We focus on using technology to enhance your web presence by incorporating the latest in SEO, social media techniques, and real-time profiling to capture your customer’s attention. Together, these techniques help your site stand out and increase ROI.

At Ramsyswe want to optimize your outreach, attract attention to your site and help expand your customer base throughout West-African sub-region. We aim to do this through stunning web design and rock solid web programming.

 Web Analytics

How many visitors did your site get today? Which part of the world are they from? What is the average time spent by visitors to your website? What is the most visited page on your website? What are the predominant devices that visitors are using to access your site? Smartphones? Tablets? Laptops? Ramsys provides you with all these statistics and more.

Website Audit & Maintenance

Did you know that Google punishes websites that break the rules of its search algorithm by removing them from search results? How can you ensure that your website is consistently managed and kept up to date with the latest technologies? We make continuous changes to your site throughout the web design and web development process to ensure your website is constantly optimised for online searches.

Web Programming 

In order to ensure optimal performance of all your websites, we endeavour to power creative web design with robust programming logic that enables your customers to access the information they want easily and seamlessly without any site delays or lags.

Website User Interface (UI) Design

In addition to robust web development we also create visually appealing designs for all our clients. From cool and serene interfaces to web designs that are catchy, flashy and captivating we create and UIs that will leave both you and your clients breathless. At the core of this design process is the customer experience and as such we can guarantee that your website UI we keep them coming back for more.


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