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Mobile Application Development Solutions

Industry Solutions: Win customers. Empower employees.

Ramsys has been partnering with market leaders to mobilize their enterprise. Whether empowering intricate employee workflows or connecting with customers in new ways, we pride ourselves in understanding the real needs of each industry. Our insights, combined with our customizable apps and award winning platform, are the DNA of our industry solution offerings.

Browse the industries below to discover a complete enterprise mobility solution for your organization.

Industry Solutions: Financial Services

Embrace multi-channel banking

To stay competitive, financial services companies must rely on improving customer loyalty and expanding the wallet share per customer. Mobile solutions deliver a high-impact opportunity to meet these goals, reaching and retaining customers in innovative ways.

Yet mobility traditionally offered its own challenges. Providing feature-rich and secure apps for customers across device types, building and managing each app independently, and keeping up with new technologies often proved costly, unscalable, and unrealistic for businesses in the financial industry.

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Industry Solutions: Government

Improve operational efficiency

Innovation in mobile technologies has created outstanding opportunities for the government to leverage multi-channel solutions throughout their agencies. However, with the sensitive nature of transactions involved in government operations, data security is of utmost importance.

To ensure the highest return on investment, government agencies must choose a mobility solution that provides them with the power to:

  • Deploy truly multi-channel apps that require minimal effort to adapt to future technologies
  • Build high performance products that can scale to meet ever-changing objectives
  • Provide reliable and easy to implement solutions that lead to operational efficiencies
  • Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access with best-in-class security

Industry Solutions: Healthcare

Embrace the new era of healthcare reform

Healthcare reform has created both challenges and opportunities for payers and providers. As a new market of previously uninsured Americans opens up, health plans will have to adapt, both marketing to these consumers and keeping their existing members loyal with effective engagement strategies.  The changes ahead also require providers to focus on operational efficiencies, keeping costs down in order to better compete in the era of consumerized healthcare.

Mobile solutions play an important role in engaging members and enabling efficient ways of managing care, including:

  • Attracting and engaging new and existing members
  • Promoting proactive wellness tools
  • Streamlining operations
  • Reducing costs
  • Improving care and communications

Industry Solutions: Insurance

Ensure growth, loyalty, and a competitive edge

Global economic uncertainty and new regulations have increased the risk factor for insurers. To ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness under the risk-based economy, insurers must rethink business processes and evaluate a range of product offerings to meet the evolving needs of their customer base.

Mobile solutions address these conditions, empowering insurers to:

  • Improve claims processing efficiency by 30% and reduce leakage
  • Increase work time for agents by 20% by eliminating paper and administrative tasks
  • Reduce costs per transaction by 90% via reduced call center and IVRS traffic
  • Improve loyalty and create new revenue and engagement opportunities from existing and new customers
  • Offer a consistent app experience across smartphones, tablets, and desktops 


Industry Solutions: Manufacturing

Go beyond lean to attain untapped ROI

From sourcing to production, distribution to customer service, manufacturing companies have been tireless in improving the efficiency, responsiveness, and profitability of their operations. Yet even the most efficient businesses can gain additional ROI by leveraging mobile technology.

With mobile capabilities and scalability able to extend the functions of enterprise systems, manufacturing companies can:

  • Reduce equipment downtime by up to 20%
  • Improve productivity by 15%
  • Reduce work-in-process and spare parts inventory carrying costs by 10% 

Industry Solutions: Oil and Gas

Explore the new frontier of mobile solutions

Today’s oil and gas companies battle rising competition, costs, and public scrutiny, while their profitability and operational processes are increasingly impacted by highly constrained resources, equipment reliability, and policy changes. Leading edge companies are turning to mobile  applications to increase efficiency and effectiveness, improve collaboration, and reduce risk.

Oil and gas businesses require an integrated end-to-end multi-channel mobile strategy to:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime by 15%
  • Increase equipment reliability by 10%
  • Reduce both inventory carrying costs and spare parts inventory by 10%

Industry Solutions: Retail Commerce

Go mobile to build brand loyalty and streamline operations

Retailers today must battle traditional economic, competitive, and shareholder pressures as well as the challenges of constantly evolving technology. But with challenge comes opportunity, and with mobility, the retail industry gains innovative new ways to expand brands, acquire customers, and streamline operations. 

With a multi-channel mobile strategy, the retail industry can:

  • Efficiently operate stores and streamline warehouse and supply chain operations
  • Drive workforce productivity with immediate access to information and solutions that automate paper-based processes
  • Achieve 17-20% of sales through new channels
  • Reduce new customer acquisition costs by 90% by eliminating paper coupons
  • Increase conversion ratios by up to 40% through the mobile channel
  • Reduce operational costs and stock outs by 1-2% 

Industry Solutions: Utilities

Edge out the competition with mobile solutions

Utility companies constantly battle market forces that seriously impact their profitability. The rising cost of fuel, heavy emissions controls, the unpredictability of demand, the impact of environmental forces, and outages due to aging infrastructure all present significant challenges. And in today’s deregulated market, competition is fierce when consumers are on the hunt for the cheapest, most reliable energy provider.

Leading edge companies are turning to mobility to keep operational and maintenance costs low and reliability high. With a well-executed multi-channel strategy, organizations can:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime by 15%
  • Achieve 15% higher first-time fix rates
  • Reduce billing errors and complaints by 20%

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